Welcome to the new Advisor Sales portal!

We are so happy to finally be unveiling the new site! The new site has two distinct areas: one for our client facing site where we work on generating leads for our agents, and one for you all, our valued partners. The portal is home to our totally unmatched reference library. Literally thousands of man hours have gone into these underwriting cheat sheets, product niches, the priorities packet, and the rest of the tools that you have access to. Take a minute to browse around! We hope that you like it and will find it useful. Below you will find a short walk through on all of the updated features/sections of the portal. If you haven’t registered, please take a minute to do so by clicking the link next to the login. Due to the amount of time that we have dedicated to creating these resources, we put them behind a password protection.

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We have added an all new quoting system for you to use.  There are two options to run your own quotes. One allows for a spreadsheet and the other allows you to request an application rather than a spreadsheet. Or fill out one of our forms and we will quickly send you the illustrations you need.

Our Blog

Our blog is updated on a regular basis. The agent portal blog is where we will post things mean for producer’s eyes only. These include:

Carrier and Product Updates

This includes product availability changes, COI changes, and more

Underwriting Updates

This could include niches that we have identified at certain carriers or carriers changing UW requirements

Sales Ideas

Could be a brilliant product design we have discovered or an idea that we have found to have great success in the marketplace

Case Successes

A highlight of cases that either Premier or another AIN firm has placed recently.

| Premier Priorities

This is where you can find TONS of product information. Some examples of things you can find:

Automated Underwriting Program Guide

LTC and Chronic Illness Riders


IUL Product Comparisons

|Sweet Spots

Here you can find our Product and Underwriting Niches. This includes a summary of various carriers and their “sweet spots” when it comes to product or underwriting. This is an invaluable tool when you are trying to place a tough competition case!

| Cheat Sheets
Underwriting Cheat Sheets: Browse our library of various impairments and avocations and see which carriers will underwrite and at what level! This tool will help you look like even more of an expert in the field!
| Impairments
An ever growing library of underwriting questionnaires to help us better underwrite your tough cases. These include Foreign Nationals, Alcohol Abuse, Various Cancers and more! 
| Field Guides

Core carrier field underwriting guides. Our non core carrier guides are available upon request. Some of the things these will show you age and face amount requirements, financial guidelines, and carrier specific build charts.

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