This is our continuously updated Premier Priorities Packet.

With the products, riders, and underwriting constantly evolving in our industry, it can sometimes be too much to keep up with! That’s we have put together a “packet” of priority items that you can use for a quick easy reference. Whether you need to know what carrier will go preferred on an active duty military client, what carrier has the best LTC rider features, or what carrier is the easiest on marijuana underwriting, Premier Priorities has it all covered, and we now update it on a continual basis rather than quarterly, so you will always be up to date!

Automated Underwriting Programs

A summary of the currently available automated underwriting programs

Available Term Riders

A collection detailing the available riders on term products from our core carriers

Available Permanent Riders

A collection detailing the available riders on permanent products from our core carriers

First Year Premium Restrictions

A summary of current first year premium limitations in place with our core carriers

New! Electronic Submission Guides

A summary of the current Drop Ticket and electronic application capabilities at our core carriers

New! Flat Extra Commission Guide

A summary of current Core Carrier policy regarding the payment of commissions on flat extra premiums.

New! Life Insurance in Qualified Plans

A summary of current Core Carrier policy and procedure regarding the sale of life insurance products in qualified plans.

Guaranteed and Simplified Issue Programs

The corporate owned and white collar multi-life markets are growing based on the need for effective, tax-favored savings vehicles for high income earners. Use this resource to understand program parameters from each of our core carriers.

Asset Based LTC Products

A summary comparison of the terms and conditions of the most popular products in the asset-based LTC market.

Indexed UL Products

A summary comparison of the riders and features of our major carriers’ Indexed UL products.

LTC and Chronic Illness Riders

A summary comparison of the terms and conditions of each core carriers’ offering in the long-term care and chronic or critical care riders

New! Middle Market Simplified Issue

 A snapshot of the Simplified Issue products available from our core carriers. Focuses on modest face amounts and products that are priced to accommodate up to Table 4 risks at a Standard underwriting class, where speed and convenience are more important than price.

Reinsurance and Retention

This document details each core carrier’s internal retention, auto-bind, and jumbo limits

Rolling Targets

Self-explanatory, ths spreadsheet reflects all major carriers (including some of our non-core) which allow rolling targets and the duration of the rolling period for each.

Target Premium Location

Ever get frustrated trying to find the hidden locations of target premiums? No more – this guide tells you where to find it on each of our core carrier’s illustrations.

Term Conversion Privileges

A summary of the current term conversion privileges by carrier.

New! Non Medical Underwriting

A snapshot of the our core carriers that offer nonmedical underwriting on their shelf products at lower face amounts. These are typically capped at Standard underwriting class, but given that they are not priced to accommodate any Table ratings, can offer clients an easy way to acquire modest amounts of insurance at better rates than a true Simplified Issue program.